Social Media

Where to find me out in the interwebs and what I am doing there.


I use Facebook to keep up with friends and contacts on a more personal level.  A few of my other social media accounts will report back to Facebook so duplication may occur.


I use Flickr to share my art, photography, and design work.  I am a Polaroid and toy camera photography enthusiast and this is the main online location that I host that work.


LinkedIn highlights my professional career and education background, including my full resume, awards and achievements, and articles.


I use Instagram as a visual diary of my daily life; I share snapshots of interesting and beautiful things that I come in contact with.  Follow me on Instagram @rocococoa or you can follow my pictures through Statigram or Tumblr.


Curated inspiration for all facets of my life can be found on Pinterest!

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I use Tumblr as a catch-all blog to feature photographs, cinemagrams, and videos that I make and are hosted on various other specialized silos of web content. On Tumblr, I can feature all of my created content together in one space.


I’ll tweet interesting tech, art, design, library, and film articles that I come across.

Instaprint - The location based photo booth for Instagram by BREAKFAST — Kickstarter via @
April Whisenand